Life Is To Precious To Ignore

It’s been a minute since I’ve updated. The past two weeks have been scary to say the least. September 6th, my father was in a horrifying wreck in Jackson Tennessee around 2:30am. My mom and I got the phone call from the trauma center in Nashville they sent him to around 12:30-1pm. We had absolutely no clue that he almost was a goner.

I won’t lie in saying that the photos I’m including are scary if you’ve had any kind of vehicle accident. This is just my warning.

Sent to me from a lady who helped my dad until emergency vehicles arrived on scene.

Dad actually lived through this and remembers every moment. He told us he was coming down the interstate at the speed limit, this we verified by his trucking company who tracked his trucks computer back to the last second. A trucker was parked in the emergency lane with his trailer ever so slightly in the next lane. Dad told us there were no lights on the truck or flares. It being so early in the morning dad smacked into the trailer before he had time to see the distance and timing he had to get over.

Unfortunately this trapped dad behind the dash. He knew his leg or possibly both were broke at the moment. He was able to call 911 but before he could call my mom the front end of his truck caught fire and exploded throwing him through the windshield.

Dad came out of this wreck with a crushed wrist, a broken femur, two fractured ankles, a fractured shoulder blade, 11 broken ribs, and a punctured lung. To say it’s a miracle just doesn’t seem to fit how amazing it is that he lived through it. The policeman and his boss both said they’d never witnessed a accident like this where someone actually lived.

This threw mine and my mothers life in a whole new path really quickly. She took off to Nashville to be with dad ASAP. She didn’t want me going since I’m not almost 20wks pregnant, so I’ve been home with my husband trying to stay sane and keep the house clean. It’s really taken a toll on me though, as well as my parents.

My whole life my dad has drove a truck. Now his job of doing this is over. I’m glad honestly but not for the circumstances that caused it. I don’t know what this means for my parents future but I’ve done what I can for them to keep a float while dad recovers. I created this GoFundMe to help them out. You don’t have to donate but if you can share his story it’d be more then helpful. GoFundMe Link

Hopefully soon I can be back with you guys discussing books, thoughts, news articles and everything else. ❤️

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